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Nikon lenses represent the cutting edge of modern lenses. Nikon use innovative designs and materials in order to produce their high quality range of products, providing glasses wearers crystal clear vision. 

Nikon lenses are available in both single vision and varifocal glasses. The single vision lenses feature the Advanced Aspheric Design which boasts sharp vision with minimal peripheral distortion, along with superb aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to purchase varifocal glasses or bifocal ones, Nikon lenses are unbeatable when it comes to durability and clarity. 

Available Coatings:

  • SeeCoat Plus UV – This coating is tough, durable and dust proof. It also offers the highest level of UV protection available on the market today.
  • SeeCoat Blue UV – This coating improves contrast as well as helps to reduce eye strain when using a digital screen. It also blocks UV and is tough, highly scratch-resistant, easy to clean and reduces blue light.
  • SeeCoat Blue on Transitions – This coating adapts brilliantly to both indoor and outdoor light variations which provides protection from blue light, glare and UV rays.
  • HCC Ikon (easy clean coat) – An anti-reflective coating that leaves your lenses cleaner, clearer and tougher than ever before.
  • Polashade – This is a tinted coating that reduces glare whilst reducing UV light. This improves vision in sunny environments and boosts safety whilst driving.
  • Transitions – As the name suggests, this is a lens which automatically adapts to different light levels, providing UVA and UUVB protection during sunny weather.