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Hoya lenses have become somewhat of a global phenomenon, leading the way in double-surface designs. Active in the UK for over 30 years, Hoya lenses have found a way to create the thinnest and most durable lens materials around. 

Their infamous double-featured lenses are customised on both the front and back, resulting in clearer sharper vision for the wearer. Hoya lenses are also renowned for producing some of the top-quality single vision lenses and lens coatings too. 

We have access to the latest technologies and offerings of Hoya lenses including the Hoya ID Varifocal lens. These new, innovative lenses provide the wearer with stable vision at all distances with little to no distortion. The advanced ‘free form’ technology helps the user to adapt to the new specs quickly and comfortably whilst also being able to switch between close and distant vision easily. 

Available Coatings:

  • Hi Vision Longlife – Is Hoya’s premium AR coating and the hardest anti-reflection coating available on the market.
  • UV Control – This is a unique coating which provides 100% protection against the harmful effects of UV. These are available with Hi-Vision Longlife.
  • BlueControl – This coating provides the wearer with a bit more comfort whilst basking in the digital world. This is also available with Hi-Vision Longlife to neutralise the effects of blue light.
  • Super Hi-Vision – These are ultra scratch resistant, super anti-reflective and very easy to clean.
  • Hi-Vision AquaScratch resistant, anti-reflective and equipped with mirror-up-to-date coating which creates a radiant and edgy style.