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Blue Coating Lenses

What is ‘Blue Violet Light’?

Recent, advanced research has revealed that blue light is even more harmful for your eyes than the impact of UV rays with the long term effect of exposure being significantly more damaging than UV.

Fortunately for us, experts have succeeded in identifying the most toxic bands in blue light. As a result, they have created a ground breaking method of visual protection which filters out the destructive elements of the light whilst simultaneously increasing the quality of vision through coated lenses.

What are the Effects that Blue Light has on the Human Eye?

Blue light has both positive and negative effects on the eye:

Positive: Exposure to blue light during the day helps to heighten levels of alertness as well as diminish drowsiness and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Negative: Rather outweigh the positive. During the night, effects of blue light can cause sleep disruption. As well as this, it can also delay the release of melatonin which causes disturbance to circadian rhythms. Blue actually penetrates the eye which damages the lens as well as the retina which causes the retinal cells to die.

Unfortunately, to put it bluntly, over exposure to blue light can cause visual impairment and even blindness. Other additional horrible harmful effects include: increase in risk of heart disease, depression and certain strains of cancer.

Where is Blue Light Found?

Scarily enough, blue light is found practically everyhere; the sun, digital screens like smartphones and laptops and LED lighting. The natural filter in our eyes are not equipped to provide us with the protection we need from the blue light from the sun, let alone the blue light emanating from the vast amount of devices we find ourselves staring at for most of the day.

What is Blue Light Coating and How Does it Work?

Blue light coating is a ground breaking design concept which reflects and cuts high energy blue light penetration whilst still allowing the good portion of blue light to pass through.

In short, blue coating technology can help wearers to benefit from blue light without being exposed to the negative impacts. This particular optical coating is often referred to as ‘Anti-Reflection Coating’ as it’s applied to the surface of lenses with the primary aim of reducing reflection, thus increasing protection and reducing the risk of eye fatigue and other harmful effects.

Here at SpecsatHome, we can provide you with the best blue light coating on the market for your lenses. This coating is designed  specigically for low light and during the night. ALthernatively, we can provide you with tinted lense which portect your vision from blue light exposure in eninoments where lighting is harsh and extremely  bright.

If you’re interested in this service, please free feel to contact one of our specialists for more information regarding your requirements and we’ll happily answer any questions or queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.