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About Us

Kashan Aziz, SpecsatHome Founder

Launched in 2014, SpecsatHome is an online eyewear store serving customers all over the UK, with head office in London.


SpecsatHome is your one-stop shop for affordable glasses. We offer precision-made lenses and designer frames, put together by our expert technicians.

Your vision is important, both for enjoying life and staying safe during physical tasks. We’ll help you maintain excellent eyesight by matching your prescription with one of the web’s widest range of bifocal and varifocal lenses.

SpecsatHome is founded and run by qualified opticians, so we can offer expert support and guidance if you are new to buying glasses online.

The result is an affordable, convenient way to get prescription glasses that look great.

“I decided that people shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to see clearly. So I made it my mission to offer desirable eyewear brands and industry-approved lenses for people who want to buy glasses online.
As a glasses-wearer myself, I know that people want to be able to take their time, compare prices, and find frames that suit their personal style. SpecsatHome was set up to give people the option to do that from the comfort of their own home.”

- Kashan Aziz, Founder


We also offer bespoke dispensing and reglazing services from our office in London. Get in touch to come and see us or arrange a visit to your home or office